We are very pleased with our joint working relationship between Peak Health and James Tool. Our successful wellness program promotes good health to our employees.

We have a successful program in part because of the relationship between the employee and our Peak Representative (RN). Employees can monitor health concerns, weight control, and inquire on issues they may be facing and their best approach to improving on those issues.

Our Peak Health participation has grown over the past two years, as employees are comfortable in asking questions and taking advice on how to improve their overall health. Our employees are better at scheduling their annual exams. They are encouraged to participate in flu clinics provided by the Company. The employees have gained awareness of their nutrition, diet, physical activity, dealing with stress and anxiety and so much more.

Utilizing Peak Health has also saved our company during our renewal with our Health Care Insurance. We identify to the vendor the success in our health & wellness program in Peak Health and this is saved our company on the cost of renewing our annual contract.

Through Peak Health we are able to provide our employees with a Health & Wellness program that works for them, is offered during work time by appointment scheduling, and is convenient.

Patty Cook
Human Resource Specialist
James Tool Machine and Engineering, Inc.

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